Asking Alexandria – The Final Episode

Asking Alexandria – The Final Episode

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Asking Alexandria, what a great metalcore band they are. Generic screams, generic guitar riffs, and generic drumming patterns. Their “hit” single, The Final Episode, is a great song. If your into generic-core that is.

Well alright, I give them a lot of credit. I really can’t talk bad about them.0 The structure and hooks of the song are so well placed that you’ll remember it more than a song by Justin Bieber. It’s like if a Disney producer wrote a Metalcore song, “The Final Episode” would be it. Lead singer Danny Worsnop repeats the lines “Oh My God”, and it just drives into your head once you hear the song. His delivery is massive and the attitude of the lyrics are above average. More and more lines are made into hooks throughout the song, After your first listen, I’m sure you’ll remember more than 50% of the hooks. The guitar riffs are just as memorable as all the vocal hooks, even if they are generic. They are also very well placed, they are played right after the vocal hook. Drums are nothing special, just what you’d expect from a Metalcore band of this caliber. Later in the song, they pull off a very nice electronic bridge section. Again, hooks galore! Danny than repeats the lines “You need a doctor baby, you scared?” It really sticks with you throughout your day.

Asking Alexandria the final episode is a great song for new fans of Metalcore, or for Metalcore fans who want to hear a good catchy song. For die hard fans, I’d give Asking Alexandria a pass until they come up with something more complicated and brutal. Asking Alexandria definitely made a dent in the Metalcore world, but let’s see if they can keep up with the pressure.

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